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Our system is designed to integrate with almost any existing heating system. It may be incorporated into a new build seeking to lower operation costs and carbon footprint. It can be used with passive solar and solar thermal to extend its heating capabilities and can also use district heating specification insulation to keep a body of water hot for days. It does not work when the wind does not blow, but it should be seen as the primary method of heat at an installation with wind.

1. Who can make use of Primary Wind Technology?

Everybody uses heat to warm themselves or something else and some of those people will be in an area where it is windy. They include rural, semi- rural, land and building owners, coastal buildings, swimming pool operators, schools, hotels and municipal buildings.

Our customers may have heated green-housing or a need to digest sewerage, they may have a farming (e.g. dairy) or industrial need; a district heating application, a turbine cooperative or have offshore needs, they may just wish to go off grid, and to minimise their carbon emissions.

Beneficiaries of this technology includes any domestic, community or business building which requires heating, in an area that has, even low speed wind. This technology works effectively and efficiently in areas of inconsistent wind speeds.

If you are a home owner, business, care home, leisure centre, general business, hospital, school your building can utilise this renewable energy system. It is straightforward to install and requires no large areas or complicated technology.

Map of the UK’s average wind speeds.

To work out the average wind speed in your specific area go to:

2. What are the benefits of Primary Wind?

• Immediate savings on heating costs. Heating in the UK can be up to 70% annual costs of running a building. Savings can be made through direct space heating as well as contribute to your hot water needs for baths/showers; and in washing machines and dishwashers.

 H2o Turbines Ltd Primary Energy Technology

• Immediate, significant reduction in carbon emissions, changing from oil, gas and non-renewable electric heating; and even wood. This uses wind to create heat. The carbon return (carbon emitted from product creation)is substantially lower than other forms of energy. There are no rare metals used such a copper. And our units may be fully recycled.

• This technology compliments solar thermal water-heating (and photovoltaics) technology as well as water/air storage systems. These systems combined mean massive reductions in heating and electricity costs.

3. What does installation entail?

Our first product is a site survey and each individual site is surveyed to ensure our product is correctly sized and placed.

Unlike electricity generating wind turbines, sites near buildings and trees can be considered as our turbine does not need a steady flow of wind, gusting wind will suffice. (if you want to find out an area’s wind speed go to (you will need a grid reference):

Our basic H2oTurbine model costs less than £10k plus fitting, is designed to heat water when the wind is blowing, with the existing heating system(s) taking over from the turbine in times there is no wind. On suitable sites we look to save 70% of a typical heating bill, relative to your home or business needs.

Additions to the H2oTurbines model offers greater savings. For example:
– An insulated storage tank which can keep water hot for 3/5 days.
– Solar hot-water panels can fill the gap in the summer when winds are light providing hot water for showers or other domestic hot water needs.

A combination of a H2oTurbine, solar thermal and stored hot water should fill 90% of energy requirement, while the addition of a gas/oil/wood boiler or fire with back boiler ensures 100% of needs are met.

In addition to this our service includes signposting to energy efficiency measures.

Our turbines can also cool houses in the summer with air conditioning, this would only likely to be buildings in an area with summer winds such as coastal regions.

4. How much does it cost?

For domestic installations only. The price of a 5kw turbine is £10k plus installation plus VAT. However if installed by our own installers or an accredited installer from the micro generation certificate scheme VAT is charged at 5%
Commercial customers and those seeking to self install, will pay a VAT rate of 20%

As we are asking people to have this new untested technology we offer 100% piece of mind for all; and for our first 100 customers 10 years free maintenance which includes the following:
• One year for parts
• A five year check up
• Free breakdown cover is for 9 years 364 days inclusive
• Telephone support where needed for all

For more information, to discuss a potential installation or for a free quote for your property please click here