Here at H2oTurbines we are on the verge of a major clean-energy breakthrough.

We are the only company that will be offering a financially viable alternative to fossil fuels for space and water heating to domestic properties, swimming pools, businesses as well as Care and agricultural industries.

Our patent pending design uses tried and trusted components in a new configuration. We have successfully bench tested our design and our whole process conforms with the first law of thermodynamics.

We are currently in the exciting stage of detailed testing, proving and advance. Our main aim is to ensure our investors have full confidence in; and get the most benefit out of our system.

 1.   We are using the most effective method of energy transference for heat in a liquid

 2.   We are harvesting more potential wind energy with fixed, wider, longer blades

 3.   H2oTurbines can be installed and utilised at a wide number of sites and situations

 4.   H2oTurbines have few moving parts, and maximum efficiency across the operating system

 5.   Our repair and maintenance system offers 100% satisfaction for our clients

 6.   Our products are affordable, easily constructed and maintained, and able to provide a significant contribution to energy requirements

 7.   Our patent pending covers 147 nations worldwide and it is our intention to licence our ideas and build a network of manufacturers, agents and distributors

8.   We are producing clean, cheap energy, in accordance with the targets set by the Paris accord. 80% saving on carbon by 2050. We offer this now and expect a great future

Our future depends on our products, we need to do further R&D before we can produce products in accordance with the relevant ISO. To this end we have decided to sell some of our companies equity in order to raise these funds.

This will be done through our Crowd funding partner, Based at University of Exeter, U.K. Shares in H2oTurbines Ltd. May be purchased from for as little as £10. International supporters are also welcome.

To express your interest in investing in H2o Turbines research and development please click here