Clifford Spilsbury

Managing Director and Founding Member

Cliff is the project lead and has a history of practical engineering and project management.
As the inventor of the H2o Turbines power pack he is still heavily involved in the continued expansion of applications and is also part of the workshop Team.
1979-1988 worked as a specialist engineer in hydraulics, pneumatics and electrics.
1988- 1992 Fawcett Christie Hydraulics Sales and Technical of hydraulic accumulators, pressure vessels and attenuators.
1992-1996 Travelling and researching renewable energy projects
1996-Present returned to engineering as a project manager, researching and developing H2o Turbines capabilities as co-founder September 2016.

Ian Dalziel

Sales Director and Founding Member

Ian is a founding member and shareholder of H2o Turbines Ltd and is also the proprietor of a successful hydraulics and engineering company.
Ian has vast experience in hydraulic engineering including electronics and pneumatics.
Ian first worked with Co-Director Clifford Spilsbury as a specialist engineer together for 8 years.

Debbie Dalziel

Financial Director

Debbie is experienced in financial control and customer service and has successfully founded and managed service based businesses. Debbie undertakes all day to day financial and customer service obligations for Warehouse Engineering Solutions, Phoenix Property Maintenance Services
Debbie is a founding member of H2o Turbines Ltd

Thomas Adams

Head of Commerce:

Vast experience in International distribution throughout various sectors including Telecommunications hardware (European General sales Manager Caudwell Communications), Mining electrical installations (Distribution manager ), 4th party logistics,Import and export of large engineering products, International distribution of cigars ( Worldwide distribution )

Mark Cockshutt

Head of Distribution:

Experienced in International distribution and commercial electrical installations for both design, installation and certification. Currently Managing Director of a long-established business in electrical installations and de-commissioning.