Development Team:

Financial Director, Debbie Dalziel brings years of business practice and financial expertise to the team.

Debbie has a background of customer service and bookkeeping and has successfully founded, and manages, three thriving businesses.

H2o Turbines Ltd Primary Energy Technology
Debbie Dalziel

She is extremely interested in anything that can support the world for future generations and in turn help us to live a healthier lifestyle and shape a growing environmental consciousness. This includes a keen interest on the effects of herbs and food on the body.

As one of three Director’s of H2oTurbines Ltd, she is looking forward to the launch of the website and is currently working with the team to raise development money through crowdfunding.

Debbie Dalziel lives in Essex, England with her husband, son and two dogs.

Ian Dalziel, a successful engineer, entrepreneur and business man is Sales Director and part of our Development Team.

 H2o Turbines Ltd Primary Energy Technology
Ian Dalziel

He started his working life by joining The Royal Navy as a Weapons Engineer, serving 8 years. Leaving the Royal Navy he joined BT Rolatruc Ltd as a Service Engineer for 20 years. He then became self employed and over the last 10 years has gained more experience in various disciplines including electrics, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics.

Ian is passionate about innovation and design and has successfully been involved with several blue chip companies in the development and manufacture of various solutions.

His hobbies include Judo, to which he holds a coveted 4th Dan blackbelt; and aviation – he is currently a practicing twin-rated light aircraft pilot. Together with Ian’s wife, Debbie, he is also passionate about food and cooking.

Ian is very excited in about this new project and its world changing potential . He currently lives in Essex with his supportive wife, son, daughter and two mad dogs.

Clifford Spilsbury, Managing director and our project leader with a history of practical engineering and successful project management.

 H2o Turbines Ltd Primary Energy Technology
Clifford Spilsbury

As inventor of the H2oTurbines power pack, Cliff also maintains a hands on role in the technical development and is part of the workshop team.

Jenny Lampard, is our general support and first point of contact. Jenny has a background in environmental and community project management.  H2o Turbines Ltd Primary Energy TechnologyShe has worked across north and mid-Wales with farmers, community groups and householders on small and medium scale renewable energy projects.

Workshop Team:

Our workshop team consists of Clifford Spilsbury, Robin Hamner and Dylan Carver. We have worked on many projects together over the last ten years, this is our most exciting project. We are all motivated, able, committed and confident!

Robin Hamner provides expertise in woodworking, plastics and composites.

 H2o Turbines Ltd Primary Energy Technology
Robin Hamner
 H2o Turbines Ltd Primary Energy Technology
Dylan Carver

Dylan Carver is our mechanical engineer providing expertise in metal working, machining and welding.