Welcome to H2o Turbines Ltd © and thank you for your interest.

H2oTurbines © exists to contribute to our need to find inexpensive, clean energy; and we are delighted to bring it to the worlds attention.

Based in Mid-Wales, Primary Wind’s system offers heat from wind using technology that is straightforward to install, affordable and offers instant financial and carbon savings.

We welcome Contact & Enquiries – it helps us make the system, and our service more efficient.

Here in Mid Wales, wind turbines are common. Often they are individual turbines, as locals are against pylons and wind farms on the whole. Where there is an electrical turbine serving electricity needs we propose that there should be a H2oTurbine serving another need, hot water.

We are committed to developing our production line in mid-Wales; and currently have secured patent pending in this new field, one we believe will be bountiful, ethical and have a genuine ecological impact by giving our customers the ability to radically reduce the carbon they burn.