H2oturbines ltd.

Pressurised Wind Turbine Technology.

A pressurised wind turbine produces pressure without a single electrical component. This pressure can be converted efficiently into heating or heating for cooling.

It can be stored, and can used for industrial processes.


A pressurised turbine is used where electrical turbines fall short or are uneconomical

  • Heating.
  • Cooling.
  • Desalination.
  • Industrial process.
  • Water and sewerage treatment.
  • Sustainable renewable storage. (On demand grid storage capacity).
  • Regeneration of waste heat for reintroduction.
  • Agricultural pumping.

So for example we turn mechanical power directly to heat. We do not turn mechanical power into electricity then into heat. Our losses within the system are much less, we can therefore operate more efficiently.

An electrical turbines produces electricity which can be stored in batteries. Our pressured system stores energy in its mechanical form this pressurised liquid can be released on demand providing high amp, quality electricity.This is stored hydro without a lake.

Desalination requires pressure or heat, we provide both from our turbines directly without the additional process of making electricity.

We find unique uses for our turbines, & our list of applications continues to grow.  Please contact us if your application can benefit from zero carbon operation and a free source of fuel.